Agent Assist

Let your agent give your customers what they need and fast.

Agent Assist supports agents in handling enquiries and resolving customers queries more effectively and efficiently by integrating with your existing customer service platforms. Agent Assist analyzes incoming interactions through natural language processing (NLP), and then provides your agents with real-time suggestions, information and possible solutions based on the customer’s specific situation. Agent Assist leverages your company’s knowledge and past interactions to offer accurate and relevant support.

Boosts Agent Efficiency

Instantly provides prompts and knowledge-base articles to resolve queries faster.

Enhances Customer Experience

Delivers accurate, context-aware responses for seamless interactions.


Streamlines Workflows

Automates conversation summarization and documentation, reducing manual workload.


Improves Training and Onboarding

Offers real-time guidance and resources, accelerating agent proficiency.

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Increase Agent effectiveness and efficiency with real-time support and coaching

Increase agent effectiveness and efficiency with real-time support and coaching. Apply the best practices of your top agents across your entire team by guiding all agents through customer conversations with assistance, automation and coaching.


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