Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Streamline your operations with an efficient and accurate virtual workforce

Outsource Your Robotic Process Automation

RPA enables software, or robots, to emulate a person by executing manual, repetitive tasks based on set rules. This technology kickstarts digital transformation, automating tasks such as data entry, calculations, records maintenance, transaction-tracking, invoice processing, inventory management, payments scheduling and more. RPA accelerates business processes and workflows with 100% accuracy.

    Minimise compliance risks by removing human error

    Reduce costs by eliminating manual and repetitive tasks

    Increase efficiency through digitised and audited data

    Deliver better customer experience through faster processing

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      Video| RPA for Accounts Payable

      RPA for Accounts Payable

      See how Acquire.AI was able to automate the AP process, utilising RPA and OCR technology; drastically reducing the manual verification process time.

      Brochure| Robotic Process Automation

      Fast-track your digital transformation with RPA

      Acquire.AI helps companies automate their business processes with 100% accuracy. We provide an end-to-end automation solution—planning, building, managing, running and measuring—aligning operations with strategic business outcomes.