Voice Biometrics

Give your customers secure and convenient self-service authentication

Utilise BPO Voice Biometrics

Voice Biometrics verifies a person’s identity using distinct characteristics of their human voice. This technology focuses on “Who is speaking?” rather than “What is being said?” to securely eliminate sources of customer friction such as PINs, passwords or other traditional authentication methods. Voice Biometrics makes customer-to-brand interactions seamless.

    Deliver enhanced CX with convenient self-service authentication

    Provide robust security and proactive fraud prevention

    Reduce costs by reallocating resources to more complex tasks

    Decrease wait times and Average Handling Time (AHT)

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      Watch how voice biometrics can improve user authentication and security

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      Provide frictionless authentication for improved CX

      Your customer’s voice is their password. Leverage voice biometrics for quick self-service authentication or even as the first step to a multi-layered security approach.