Automated QA

Be confident your customers are receiving the high quality of service you demand.

Automated QA uses artificial intelligence to monitor, evaluate, and improve the quality of customer service interactions. It can analyse ALL your voice/or text interactions between agents and customers, assessing factors like response accuracy, adherence to protocols, tone, and customer satisfaction. Machine Learning (ML) is used to understand and benchmark high-quality service, providing insights and feedback to improve future interactions.

Complete, continuous and objective monitoring of all customer interactions, ensuring consistent quality control that is not feasible with manual reviews.

Provide real-time suggestions or corrections to agents during customer interactions, helping them to improve their performance on the spot.

Analysing a vast array of interactions makes it easy to identify common areas of strength and weakness; informing targeted training programs for agents.

Get a gauge on customer sentiment and satisfaction, providing valuable insights into the overall operational effectiveness.

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Elevate efficiency and accuracy in your service operations to improve customer satisfaction.

Analyse every conversation, track agent performance, and carry out end-to-end coaching, spend less time analysing, understand quickly and take action more immediately.


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