Robotic Process Automation

Automate routine tasks to increase efficiencies and improve accuracy and allow your team to focus on more complex, strategic work

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) refers to technologies that can be used to perform and automate low-value, high-volume tasks that previously require human intervention.

These tasks may include data entry, calculations, records maintenance, transaction-tracking, invoice processing, inventory management, payments scheduling and more.

By enabling RPA software to emulate a person by executing manual, repetitive tasks based on set rules, businesses can improve accuracy, eliminate human error and free up time so employees can focus on higher value, more strategic tasks.

Remove human error, minimise compliance risks

Eliminate the variability of human error, maintain an audit trail, enhance transparency and accountability.

Increase efficiency with digitised and audited data

Swiftly handle vast amounts of data for faster and more consistent processing while getting a detailed audit trail to ensure regulatory adherence.

Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks to reduce costs

Increased accuracy and efficiency to reduce overhead costs and allow businesses to offer more value to customers.

Deliver better customer experience through faster processing

Timely and accurate response to queries and requests can foster a smoother customer journey—a precursor to gaining trust and loyalty.

RPA can be used across a wide range of industries including finance & banking, healthcare, insurances, education, real estate, manufacturing, telecommunications, and IT.

With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) forecast of as much as 40% in the next seven years, RPA is growing at an incredible pace. Businesses see this as an essential investment to help them gain 
competitive edge.

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The potential of RPA is vast and can span across all industries. Here are some primary use cases:
Finance and Banking

Automated account opening and closing, transaction processing, fraud detection, credit card processing, trade settlements, compliance reporting

Human Resources

Employee onboarding and offboarding, payroll processing, time and attendance tracking, benefits administration, employee data management

Supply Chain Management

Order processing and payments, inventory management, supplier procurement, demand forecasting, returns processing

Customer Service

Automated contact centre tasks, ticketing automation, customer data updates, feedback collection and processing


Patient registration, billing and claims processing, medical record updates, appointment scheduling


Price comparison, product updates on websites, customer account maintenance, loyalty program automation

RPA for 
Accounts Payable

See how Acquire.AI was able to automate the AP process by utilising RPA and OCR technology; drastically reducing the manual verification process time.

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Fast-track your digital transformation with RPA

Acquire.AI helps companies automate their business processes with 100% accuracy. We provide and end-to-end automation solution—planning, building, managing, running and measuring—aligning operations with strategic business outcomes.


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