Speech Analytics

Enhance customer experience and operational efficiency by extracting actionable insights from voice interactions.

Speech analytics listen to 100% of call recordings to gather customer information that improves communications and interactions. This process uses a mix of semantics, phonetic expertisa, machine learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and statistical modelling to analyse vast amounts of ‘unstructured’ call data–ultimately uncovering opportunities for improvement. Speech Analytics drives continuous improvements in the contract centre.

Applying Speech Analytics entails a mixture of elements: phonetics expertise (how the sound of words are constructed), semantics (meaning of words), syntax and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Contact center phone calls

Voicemail, IVR & recorded messages

Face-to-face conversations

Speech Analytics


Minimise risks by redacting sensitive information, ensuring adherence to regulatory scripting, confirming customer understanding and consent, identifying vulnerable customers and explaining product features accurately.


Pinpoint areas of improvement and understand knowledge gaps and limitations in your employees.


Detect customer emotion and sentiment and their impact on business metrics; anticipate customer escalation and complaints early.

Forecasts show that the global speech analytics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.2% and reach $3.24 billion by 2032.

The rising demand for speech analytics will become vital in enhancing customer experience and augmenting market growth.

Speech analytics tools will be key in helping organizations understand a myriad of customer issues and provide the needed solutions; by automatically analysing unstructured data from customer interactions, they can improve the customer experience and fuel market growth. Furthermore, as the need for risk and compliance management intensifies, businesses are turning to speech analytics for better customer retention and acquisition, further propelling market expansion.

Improve CX by identifying the root cause of customer churn
Minimise industry-specific compliance and regulatory risks
Provide targeted coaching for sales effectiveness
Better understand customer satisfaction & competitive intelligence
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Generate insights to drive strategic, operational & performance improvements

Our fully-managed service is a dedicated package where you have access to skilled Acquire.AI resources to provide ongoing and dynamic Speech Analytics support for your business.


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