Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants are versatile, AI-based tools that can be integrated into various aspects of a business to streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, and provide valuable insights.

The most common use of Virtual Assistants is in customer service. Virtual Assistants can handle routine enquiries such as FAQs, order tracking, and basic troubleshooting, providing instant responses to customers and reducing the workload on human agents.

However, businesses can effectively use Virtual Assistants for lead generation and sales, collection of customer feedback, internal helpdesk, employee training and onboarding, marketing activities, and data analysis and insights. And more!

Provide 24/7 Customer Support

Enhance immediate customer experience while long-term providing strategic

Reduce headcount while maintaining KPIs

Automate and optimise operational tasks with a reduced staff while keeping topnotch efficiencies.

Decrease average handling time

Expedite response times and automate routine enquiries to reduce handling time.

Allocate resources for more complex inquiries

Redirect your resources to address more intricate customer issues without compromising routine queries.


Your future with Virtual Assistants

We can help you elevate your customer and employee experience and loyalty with Virtual Assistants technology.

Available 24/7, Virtual Assistants ensure instant, consistent support, boosting engagement and satisfaction. They handle multiple queries efficiently, freeing up your team for complex tasks. With AI-driven personalisation, Virtual Assistants can offer superior, tailored interactions. Leveraging Virtual Assistants insights, you can better understand and meet customer and employee needs.

Virtual Assistants are expected to become the primary customer support channel for manycompanies by 2027. Talk to us today to ensure your business is not left behind.

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prefer communicating with a customer agent via Virtual Assistants protocol instead of phone or live interaction.

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of consumers are more willing to use a Virtual Assistants if they know they can quickly and easily transfer to a live agent.

of consumers are more willing to use a Virtual Assistants if they know they can quickly and easily transfer to a live agent.

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of customers would choose a Virtual Assistants over a human agent to look for answers to simple questions.

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increase Virtual Assistants bring in sales according to business leaders.

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of companies believe that AI Virtual Assistants will gain importance for customer communication.

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of businesses state that Virtual Assistants usage results in significant ROI with minimal investment.

Case Study | Virtual Assistants

Boost CX by integrating Virtual Assistants to your operations

Discover how our “always-on” virtual assistant solution helps a technology and mobile company reduce customer churn with zero wait times and faster handling times.


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